Manned Guarding

Manned Guarding is the most effective form of security, physical presence of a guard gives your business an extra protection and peace of mind from unauthorised access and potential bulgers. Particularly with more and more businesses shutting down due to lockdown measures and people working from home, business premises are more vulnerable to theft and damage. Our security guards are fully licensed with SIA (Security Industry Authority) and have successfully passed strict vetting process.

Door Supervisors

Door Supervisors have become an essential part of your team, they not only create a good first impression but help to build a strong relationship with your customers. Our door supervisors are highly trained and have ability to ensure the safety of your valuable customers and protect your venue. We make sure that our door supervisors are pleasant and adaptive to your specific business needs.

CCTV Monitoring

The importance of surveillance cameras is undeniable in today’s time, as it provides a great sense of security and reassurance. Our CCTV operators are fully equipped with latest technology and have ability to instantly detect any suspicious activity. In case of an incident, they will complete a detailed report and share it with relevant individuals or authorities.

Mobile Patrols

Mobile Patrols are becoming more and more popular as they have certain advantages over other conventional methods of security. Compare to digital security devices mobile patrolling is rapid and responsive. Mobile patrolling is cost-effective way of security where larger areas or multiple locations are involved. Criminals cannot pre-plan a crime due to random patrolling patterns.

Alarm response

Our proactive Mobile Response Officers are always there for you in events like building alarm being activated during odd hours, they will immediately reach at the site and investigate the cause and take the necessary actions depending on the situation. Our mobile response team is trained to react promptly in emergency situations.

Key Holding

In the unfortunate event of an intruder in your premises while you are away or simply lost or stolen of main keys, we can respond promptly. This will not just give you an extra sense of security but will eliminate the potential risk of not being able to access your premises and hence loss of business.

Security Dog Handlers

The extraordinary sense of smell and powerful hearing ability makes dogs the best choice when it comes to safeguarding your premise or a particular venue. An experienced Security Dog Handler accompanied by a well-trained dog can easily replace multiple static security guards therefore is more cost-effective alternative. Due to enhanced ability to detect any unexpected activity dogs can alert its handler much faster hence enables him to respond significantly quicker than conventional security systems.

Corporate Cleaning

Working in a clean and safe environment is your basic right. A clean environment not just only contributes towards your health but overall wellbeing as it makes you feel happy and motivated. We offer corporate cleaning services across variety of sectors and our highly trained cleaners make sure that your workplace meets the highest standard of cleanliness.

Domestic Cleaning

You certainly would not like to spend all your spare time cleaning your home, that is why we are here to help you. We can carry out regular cleaning services on a weekly, fortnightly, or four-weekly basis as per your specific needs, while you can focus and indulge in things you enjoy the most.

Sanitization & Hygiene

Sanitisation and Hygiene is critical to health and your personal security. Poor hygiene conditions enhance the risk of loss of work due to staff calling sick more often, therefore investing in regular sanitisation and hygiene services help mitigate such risks.


If your lifestyle is getting busier as you have certain goals to achieve and struggling to manage your daily cleaning and chores alongside, we are here to help you. Our team of friendly and reliable housekeepers are ready to fulfil your specific needs on regular basis.

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